Weekend Wrap-Up: Valentine’s Edition

What a great weekend!  This weekend, we celebrated Valentine’s Day! Presley’s feet have grown since last year, so we went to find some new shoes for Spring.  Of course, she was drawn to the heels. 😉


I took a selfie to show that, occasionally, I do wash, dry, and style my hair in something other than a pony tail.  😉


After shopping, we had lunch with our fabulous besties Shay and Erika!  We had such a great time!

And, of course, she wore her new shoes out of the store.


We went to Luke’s Valentine’s Party.  I love seeing him in his classroom!


On Friday, one of my fellow preteen mamas sent me this.


Oh my word, we laughed so hard. Mostly, being a mama to a preteen is not too bad as long as you keep your sense of humor about you.  🙂

In our family, we celebrate Valentine’s family together…So, we always have something small for kiddos and each other.


For Presley, it was a painting craft and lovie.

IMG_3554 IMG_3556

And, for Luke, it was a little lego set!


And, instead of a fancy or romantic dinner…we go out for breakfast for dinner. I think this will make 9 years now!  



Up until now, we’ve always gone to IHOP, but this year we moved it to a local hole-in-the wall diner for breakfast for lunch.  It was fabulous, and I am so glad we have the chance to support local businesses in our area. I mean, our waitress gave our kids Valentines!  How cute is that??




Robert was there, but he was paying when we brought out the camera. 😉

 This boy took advantage of the gorgeous weather and started getting ready for baseball season.  He is super excited to get back on the mound!


That afternoon, I went to do a senior session…and, then we grilled burgers.

IMG_3611 IMG_3613 IMG_3617

Hope you had a love-filled Valentine’s weekend!  Happy Monday!  XOXO N



  1. We tried to eat at Bill Smith’s for breakfast and I needed a paper bag! It was chaos and it stresses me out that you have to watch tables like a hawk to see who is leVing! So we left but I’m sure yours was delicious!


  2. Love the house inspiration. I think we are decorating soul sisters! My sweet neighbor just remodeled her kitchen and it looks just like your pictures. Love the blog!


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