What I wore Wednesday: Strep Throat owns us edition

So, in boring news, Presley has strep…which is usually the diagnosis that Robert and I secretly high-five each other over because ANTIBIOTICS…However, somehow she’s come down with the The Strep THAT JUST WON’T STOP. I mean–how many days can we watch Frozen on loop? That still has yet to be determined this go around, but I will keep you posted. The good news is that she has been on the antibiotic for days now and isn’t contagious so once she is back to her bouncy self, we are breaking out of this strep prison. 😉

Since I am currently being held captive by Anna and Elsa, I thought it might be fun to pretend that I was packing for a little tropical getaway for this very weekend. Of course, I’ll really be photographing cute kids and shuttling preteen boys to baseball practice but a girl can dream, right? 😉

I think this Trina Turk swimsuit is so cute!  I love the pattern and cut!


And, this little gem would be the perfect cover-up for our getaway!


And since this is my pretend getaway, I am going to pretend that I am super coordinated and athletic.  This cute rash guard and bikini bottom would be so cute for all of the water skiing, surf boarding, and cliff diving that we will be doing.

IMG_3661 IMG_3662

If you know me in real life, then you are laughing so hard right now!  Don’t forget that the mere thought of jumping jacks makes me angry, and you know I won’t be jumping off anything high…but wouldn’t this outfit be darling, if we did?? 😉

Also, this little swimsuit is super sweet! I love the print!


And, don’t you think that I need a fancy dress for all those romantic dinners that we will be having?  I think this would be so cute with some strappy, stiletto heels!


I will definitely be packing some comfy clothes for day shopping in the local markets.  I am a big fan of orange in the summer months, and I love the print on these shorts!


And, the distressing on the front of these shorts is the best!  I am a big fan!


And, finally, we will need the perfect bag for our little getaway, and this Barrington Tote fits the bill!


I use mine all the time, and I get tons of compliments!  It really is the best bag for a busy mama!

Hope you have a great Wednesday!  Thanks for playing along!  XOXO N

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  1. I agree with the high fives on the Strep diagnosis! Except my daughter just had back to back bouts with it. Exactly 2 weeks apart. On the bright side, one more round of it, and we can seriously talk about getting tonsils taken out! Hang in there momma! Frozen is better than other options.


  2. Hope Miss Presley gets over her infection fast, and you all stay healthy! I think the black dress would look fabulous on you, Narci!


  3. Just catching up on the past week of blogs….your vday minis were adorbs….great ideas on the house…and that dang hamburger you guys grilled has me drooling!! Hope Miss Presley is better soon!


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