Friday Favorites: Back in Business Edition

 Hey, y’all!  It’s Friday!  The sickness is GONE, and we are ready for a fun weekend!  Yeehaw!


Today, we are hosting Friday Favorites with two of the cutest girls I know, Andrea and Erika. You should join us!

FridayFavorites3_zpsea6fc451 (1)

1. More Swimsuits

Thankfully, I don’t have any plans to actually put on a swimsuit until May, but when I do….THIS!


I just love a good unexpected combination in fashion, and Anthropologie always nails it!  So pretty!

2.  A new studio!

So, we all know that we are building a house, but one of my very favorite parts is that it will include a dedicated studio space!

The way that this has worked out is such a blessing!  Right now, I am busy designing and pulling together flooring, props, and more.


It might sound a little cheesy, but it is a dream come true!


10 years ago, when I felt a tiny flutter in my heart to start this little business….I never thought that God would bring me here!  Meeting and photographing my precious clients is such a joy, so having a dedicated space to do that is more than I could ever ask for!  Every single minute of this business has been God’s doing!  I am just along for the ride!

3.  Fringe Hours

Have you read it? I just ordered it, and I can’t wait to read it!


I will let you know what I think!!

Happy Friday, y’all!  Don’t forget to link up!




  1. Yay for everyone being healthy!! You need that swimsuit!! Order it and on our swimsuit day you can bring it. Then it can be another option. 🙂


  2. I cannot wait to see your studio! I actually ordered the same pattern in the anthro suit earlier this week (but the one without the lace). It arrives today, so I’ll let you know what I think! I loved the kind of retro floral pattern! And YAY that P is better! WooHoo!


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