The day that we talked about ALL the oreos

So, in case you are new here, we are serious about our Oreos. So, naturally, this summer, we decided to try as many of the new Oreo flavors as possible.

Some families decide to eat Paleo together…or do CrossFit together…

But, the Dreffs. We eat Oreos together.

And, so it is only natural that we would finally make a list of the Limited Edition Oreo flavors that we have tried and vote on our favorite.

After we made this list, we decided that we were Oreo purists, and opted to not include the Fudge Creme varieties in our vote since they aren’t a true oreo.  We also added the Berry Blast Ice Cream flavor. 🙂


1.  Peppermint Oreo

2.  Lemon Oreo

3.  Red Velvet Oreo

So, there you have it! Honestly, it was hard to pick! We so enjoyed trying all of the different flavors–what a fun family project!

Happy Thursday!! Xoxo n


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  1. So funny!!! Mint is my favorite by far, I can’t even buy them anymore cause I can eat the whole bag in a very short amount of time, ha!!! Although, I can say that is my fav but I haven’t tried all those other kinds cause I just can’t steer away from my beloved mint!!!


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