Weekend Wrapup 

We had a great weekend! Presley woke up early on Saturday and helped me with my quiet time. 🙂 

We did important things like: go to the grocery store.   😉 

And have family game night! Those kids are so silly! 


We all had to laugh at this question! It was meant for our Oreo loving family!!


On Saturday, we did ALLTHELAUNDRY and had fun at dinner!  Afterwards, we took the kids to half price books. I am so thankful that they all love to read. Between being a mama and having a business, I just can’t read as much I’d like…but watching them grow their love for reading is amazing! 


And, of course, we went to church on Sunday! Love these kiddos so much! 


Last night, I was pulling pictures for a little project I am doing…this is when I was pregnant with Presley


Look at Jackson with his baby sister after she was born! So sweet!


And her baby legs in this one. Oh my word!! My ovaries hurt when I look at this one. Someone get me a baby with chunky legs stat. 😉


And, Lukey when he was about 18 months old. What a sweetie!  

Happy Monday! Hope you have a great day! xoxo n


  1. The pictures of your kiddos made me want to cry. When did they get so big?!?! That sweet picture of you pregnant with your boys is just so sweet! Goodness! Loved this post :).


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