Weekend Wrap-up

What a fun weekend! ❤️ On Friday, we met Sheaffer and Erika at the mall. And, someone loved this hat. Haha. There is nothing quite like a flatbilled, glitter Hello Kitty hat!   

On Saturday, I spent the day at the Arboretum for our minisessions! Oh my goodness.  The cuteness was almost too much!! I can’t wait to share a few shots with you!!

Saturday night, we had family dinner at our favorite Mexican place.    

And, I caught this sweet moment while we were shopping near the restaurant. I am so proud of the way that he takes time out to love on his baby brother and sister. 


On Sunday, we went to church and then watched Luke’s soccer game! It was the 4th game for the Dreffs’ family this weekend.


And, then we grabbed ice cream and visited the lot! I’m standing right where the new studio will be! ❤️ wow!!

Followed by grilling burgers and a little downtime!    

What a great weekend! We are going to need a good nap today, I think!!

Happy Monday, y’all!! 



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