Bossy and other random Thursday things. 

I saw this on Facebook yesterday, and I totally had to share! Maybe I am a tiny bit bossy. 😉 

This time of the year through mid-June tends to be chaotic for our family: sports, end of year school stuff, work, and both boys’ birthdays.  This is our 2nd full week of crazy-town and by carpool I’m already wiped out! Haha! I better get my act together! I’ve got 2.5 more months to get through!   

I pulled out our Easter outfits! 🙂 Presley’s dress is new, but I just pulled some things that matched from the boys’ closets. Dressing them in something darling and coordinated for Easter is just not worth the fight now that they are getting older. Getting them into something other than Under Armour is victory enough for me.

 Presley’s class had Flower Chapel!   Each child at her preschool brought a flower and decorated the cross. It’s one of my favorite Easter traditions. 🙂  

And, all of my to-do list people will feel me on this one. Presley, bless her, she’s asked for her own calendar and colored pens.  The love for Flair pens is a hereditary trait evidently.  


Girlfriend is a planner, and I love that about her. Go and get it, sister!

Hope you have an awesome Thursday, y’all! Friday Favorites are tomorrow. Can’t wait! ❤️



  1. I love that Presley needed her own calendar. If anyone’s social calendar is gonna fill up, I’d put my money on Presley. She needs to stay organized. I get it. 😉


  2. Would it be weird for you to bring your big camera to churcho n Sunday to get a pic of our girls twinning??? 🙂 hahaha LOVE that Presley has her own calendar. She’s a girl after my own heart!


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