Weekend Wrapup

We had a great weekend. On Friday, we ran all of our errands! We needed a day to get everything done!  

And, yes, we marked everything off our list for the day!  Woohoo! 

Friday and Saturday night, I met my clients in the bluebonnets! The weather was incredible and we had the best patch this year! So thankful!

Saturday morning, we managed to find our ways to separate corners…    

It started out as a friendly paper airplane competion, but then Luke sent Jackson a message in his airplane.  

…and somehow it ended in Presley standing on Luke’s head. And, my first reaction is to be all like “who are these weird kids?” to which I remember they are completely and totally mine. Let’s just say that I may have been known to take a competition or two seriously in my time. 😉 

My sweet middle schooler. 


I have to say–Being a parent to a middle schooler is a total left turn in parenting. It’s just a totally different ballgame because the stakes are different–it’s more big picture. And, it’s about a lot of love and grace because you realize that you are their only safe place while they navigate the trenches of middle school…and also allowing them to make big choices and gently redirecting them when they need help pointing themselves in the right direction. 

It helps that we won the lotto when it comes to 6th grade boys–he still is game for a SAMS club selfie to make his mama happy. 😉

And, our Lukey topped off the weekend with two soccer games! He played so hard! I love watching him out there on the field! 


Happy Monday! Xoxo Narci 



  1. My oldest just turned 11. Parenting this age is so different than parenting the little guys & in some ways so much harder!! Helping them to navigate school & peer relationships can be tough. Letting them make their own big choices can be so scary. Thank goodness they have a loving God watching over them all the time. My oldest still likes to hang out with me too. I’m hoping that continues for a long time!! 🙂 The picture of you two at SAMs is cute.


    • Thanks so much Jenny! So good to know their are other mamas who know what it’s like. 🙂 I’m sure our time is short for those selfies with my oldest but I’m trying to soak it up while I can. 😊


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