Weekend Wrap-up

Hey y’all! What a weekend!! Friday was a crazy day!  This was me exactly .5 seconds after we finally were home for the day! Pajamas are my love language. 😉 Also, I’m about 1/3 of the way through Charlotte Street. 🙂

Saturday morning, I had a session with the two cutest boys and then a little birthday party date with Presley. 🙂  


We celebrated our sweet Griffin turning two at the cutest little cupcake party!! 


And, afterwards, we had lunch at one of our favorite pizza places. 🙂

After lunch, I was gone for about 90 minutes and came home to this.     


My parents surprised the kids with a puppy.  

All I have to say is that they are so lucky that she is so dang cute! 😉 


Before church on Sunday…(She gets no love, at all…clearly. 😍 )

And, after church, we went to the house and walked through it for the first time!   


Our view from the living room. 🙂


They approve!


After that, we played outside, grilled burgers, and I finished up my bluebonnet sessions. 

It was just a tiny bit muddy, but we had a blast!

Hope you had a great weekend! Happy Monday! Xoxo n


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  1. Oh my goodness. Puppy is too cute. Is she a Havanese? Was she really a total surprise??

    Your house is really coming along. I can’t wait to see the house when it is all decorated. Love your style!


    • Hey, Wendy! Thank you!! I think she is a Shih-tzu and poodle mix. 🙂 and,we had talked about getting a dog once Presley went to kinder, but yes it was a total surprise. 😉


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