Weekend Wrap-up!

Hey, y’all!! Friday was wet and rainy….so we made the best of it!  I love this little girl SO MUCH!IMG_5589

After all our boys came home, we went out for Friday family pizza night!  We started this tradition when J was just a baby, and I love it!  IMG_5649

After dinner, we visited the house!  We have windows!  And, they are working on wood for the roof! yay!


Construction selfie!  We brought glow sticks since it was already pretty dark outside!  We have been trying to incorporate fun little memories during the building process to make the wait more fun!

Standing in the laundry room. 😉



The glow sticks were a huge hit!!


On Saturday morning, all 4 of the boys’ games were cancelled.  So, we went to play family tennis!  IMG_5617

Luke took to it really well!  I was super impressed!


Rob and I played before we had the kids, so we love taking them out on the court!


Later that day, we had Frozen Yogurt


Check out Jackson.  He’s making sure that Luke is smiling. 🙂


And, after frozen yogurt, we pretended to lock the kids up.  They look super concerned, right? ha!


Hope you had an awesome weekend!! XOXO Narci



I love to hear from you! Leave a comment here! :) XO Narci

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