House Pinspiration: Light Fixtures 

Hey,y’all! Today, we are talking house inspiration. Some of you have said that you like these features, so we will keep on doing them! 

We visited the house last night, and someone anonymously  added to our verses on the walls. It kind of took my breath away! So neat!  
Anyway, one of my super sweet commenters asked if I’d do a light fixture inspiration post! What a fun idea!! I aim to please, so here we go!

This one is just so interesting!! I love it!!  


  I love the sweet, soft light that these fun fixtures create! These look to be a bunch of repurposed vases. So neat! 🙂 

The farmhouse and industrial looks are super  popular right now, and I love how it looks against the classic white cabinets. ❤️

Shiny + sparkly= perfect in my book.       

And, I think these new orb chandeliers are so unexpected in a space. I would really love to see one of these in a master or powder bathroom. 🙂


I really love this! The light fixtures are farmhouse enough to give it character, but polished enough to be classic. Love!


Don’t you want to eat pancakes in this kitchen?? So cozy!!  



 And, I love all of these repurposed lights!


And, finally, this dining room table and chandelier are just so beautiful!   

Happy Wednesday! Xoxo Narci 

6 thoughts on “House Pinspiration: Light Fixtures 

  1. Have you chosen all your light fixtures?? These were the perfect inspiration! And yes, I can see myself in that kitchen eating pancakes. 🙂


  2. So now all I can think about is how my breakfast nook fixture (THAT I DISLIKE STRONGLY) is still the same as when we moved it! I need to change that IMMEDIATELY!!!!! Lots of great ideas today!


  3. Thank you, thank you, thank you for doing this post on light fixtures after I asked you. I was in an allergy/cold (not sure which one) stupor this morning when I clicked on your blog this morning and it perked me right up. I have been looking at light fixtures for DAYS and knew you would have great ideas. I love the old fashioned Edison bulbs and found something similar to your repurposed vase light fixture (only they are old glass oil bottles) and I’m doing the farmhouse look for above my sink and it has a rope to hang on. Thank you again.

    I love your blog. Your love for your family and friends really comes across in your writing. How neat that someone came into your new house and wrote more scripture. I love that! I know you will have many years of happiness in your house. Can’t wait to see it when it’s finished.


  4. Narci, I’ve been catching up on your posts and I’m so glad to see that you went with the pink St. Anne!! So cute!! Also I love this post bc these are some of the cutest light fixtures I’ve ever seen (didn’t think I would ever be writing that, but hey!) Have a great weekend!


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