My favorite beauty products! (Dear Sephora, I love you!)

Hey, y’all!! A few people have asked what my “beauty secrets” are, and I’m just so honored that anyone would ever even ask me a question like that! So, today, I am sharing a few products and tips that have worked for me over the years!

1.   Dr. Dennis Gross clarifying mask

My skin is super sensitive–pretty much anything causes me to break out, and this was life changing! Not only did it help tame breakouts, but it changed the texture of my skin! I love it!!

2. Nars creamy concealer 

The concealer is so natural looking and covers up all those slight imperfections! One of my sweet readers recommended it during my last makeup post! The next time I was in Sephora, an employee tested some under my eyes and I was hooked!! 

3.  Smashbox BB cream


Most days I use this as a foundation, and it is the perfect amount of every day coverage for a busy mama. On days that I want more coverage (think date night, church, etc) , I put it on under a light layer of foundation and I am set to go!  I guess that sometimes it just takes a few layers of makeup to make me presentable enough for public viewing. 😉  (My southern/Texas born granny would be so proud right now! She never left the house without her makeup or her press on nails.  😉 ) 

4. Sleep, water, stress, and what you eat

On days that I am crazy busy, don’t get enough sleep, or eat badly…my hair and skin live to tell the tale. All these things can really make a difference in your appearance!  My favorite part of this is that these are easy and inexpensive fixes that can make a huge impact! Yay! 

Hope this helps, y’all!! Do you have a favorite beauty product? If so, sound off in the comments! I can’t wait to hear about it! Have a Happy Wednesday!! Xoxo Narci 




  1. I use Tarte and am a big fan of their foundation/powder. I have a Bobbi Brown concealer that I love. Skincare wise-Rodan + Fields. 🙂


  2. I love any kind of skin mask! I really think they help skin so much. The same thing goes for hair masks too! My favorite hair mask is from Wen. It’s their Moist Intensive Hair Treatment. It’s at Sephora too :)!


  3. My Mamaw is 88 and still doesn’t leave without “putting her face on”….ever. Thanks for sharing….I’m always on the look out for a good concealer


  4. Great post. Thank you for the reminder of what happens WITHIN your body (food water and sleep) are as important as what goes ON your body.


  5. Hi!! Love reading your blog and would love more beauty tips from you! Your skin looks incredible in all your Instagrams! That’s probably super stalkerish 🙈 but back to the beauty, how often do you use the mask and what kind of eye make up/moisturizer do you use? And lastly you should do a hair post! Hope you have a great day!


  6. I agree with the other poster Kelcie – you should do a hair post! As for my favorite beauty products, I love my Clarisonic most, but I also really like the Cover Girl concealer that comes in the form of lipstick (like in a twist up tube). I have tried so many expensive concealers, and this one works great for me. I just use a dab of eye cream first, then blend it in! I’m also loving Oil of Olay’s CC cream lately. I mix it with my moisturizer and then use a little powder to set it. Easy!
    Have a great day!
    “The Busy Brunette”


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