Weekend Wrap-up 

Hey, y’all! What a great weekend! The weather has been so crazy–lots of rain in the forecast but we did our best to roll with it. 🙂

Friday night, we had our usual pizza!   It’s too bad that these two don’t have any fun together. 🙂 

After pizza, we went to check on the new house. We are currently undergoing electrical inspections so not much is happening or changing at the moment. 🙂 That didn’t stop me from dreaming in my future kitchen! It’s starting to feel real!!     

And, afterwards we caught an episode of Parenthood. 🙂


Saturday morning, I had a sweet little session and then we grabbed some supplies for Luke’s birthday party invites. 🙂 Luke really just wants to hang out with his friends and eat cake but Presley has been wanting a good craft so we worked together on the invites.  🙂

  We bought the little soccer action figures off of Amazon (Holla for Amazon Prime!) and printed and punched the invites on some fun card stock. 

  And, we attached each invite to one of the little soccer guys. 

Cute, simple, and a quick hour long project. 🙂


Afterward, we went to Jackson’s baseball game. He pitched great!! 

And, afterwards we went to Luke’s last soccer game! He has improved so much! We are so thankful for his team and coach!!     

After soccer, we had a quick dinner and pie in downtown McKinney. This pie is everything!! So good!!   

And, a weekend wouldn’t be complete without our Sunday picture before church! 


Hope you had an awesome weekend! Happy Monday! Xoxo Narci 

5 thoughts on “Weekend Wrap-up 

  1. You know I’m going to need more pie details than that! Please text me the deets. 🙂 And the invites are DARLING! I came in the house after Luke dropped it off, set it on the kitchen counter, and then just stared in amazement at your creativity. Good Job Mama!!!!


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