Show and Tell Tuesdays: When I Grow Up

 Hey, Y’all!!  Today, we are linking up with Andrea for Show and Tell Tuesdays!

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Today’s topic is about that sweet question that most kiddos have the cutest answers for…  “What do you want to be when you grow up?”  I just love this question!  I can’t remember what I wanted to be when I was really little, so I thought it’d be fun to ask my kiddos!


Defense Attorney

th (13)

I like where he is going here–Jackson is a great speaker, he likes being the center of attention, and has a strong sense of justice.  He’d be a great lawyer.


Construction Worker


First, I have to tell you that I found this picture on google–when I went to save it on my hard drive…it was called “Construction Hottie.”  haha!  I renamed it “Construction Worker” before I saved it.  😉

I love that Luke picked this!  Every single day after school, he asks to drive by the new house so he can watch the workers, and see what is new.  He is fascinated by it!  So fun!  My dad has has worked in the construction field for over 30 years, so it might just be in his blood.  🙂


A Surgeon


I really don’t know where she came up with the idea to be a surgeon, but I can totally see her doing that.  She is super methodical and a big rule follower…two traits that I’d like for my surgeon to have!  She tends to change her mind alot, though.   Last week, it was a rock star police girl.  😉

And, at her preschool graduation, she wanted to be this….


That girl is a bundle of energy and plans, so I can’t wait to see where she actually lands.

The first memory that I have of “what I wanted to be” was when I was about 10…and, I wanted to be a lawyer… (just like Jackson!). I held onto that idea, and it really caught fire when I read a bunch of John Grisham novels one summer while I was in high school.

I ended up going to Ole Miss, with pre-law intentions, and enrolled in my first Political Science class there.  Sadly though, it turns out that being a Political Science undergraduate is nothing like being in a John Grisham novel.  😉  So, I switched over to the Finance department mid-Freshman year and lived happily ever after.  After college, I worked in Development and Fundraising for a charity, and I started following my passion for photography after our children were born.  🙂

Super fun link up, again!!  Thank you so much, Andrea!!  Happy Tuesday!! XOXO Narci



  1. Maybe lots of surgeons have fun music playing while in surgery? If not, I can totally see Presley starting that trend. 🙂


  2. Just popped over from Momfessionals and saw that you went to Ole Miss with aspirations to become an attorney. My husband graduated from Ole Miss Law School and has jokingly shared how his day to day work is definitely not the makings of a Grisham novel:) Small world!


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