Weekend Wrap-Up! :)

Hey, y’all!!  What a fun weekend!  On Friday, we started out with a little bit of art work…Presley loves her some Ebby Lee and Kensington!  Can you tell?   🙂IMG_6773

After that, we were able to get the kids all set up at their new school!  The kids brought a book to read while I worked through all of the paperwork!  They did so well!


And, then we started summer off right!  Swimming with our friends!  We had an amazing time!! 🙂

IMG_6785 IMG_6795

Saturday was Luke’s birthday!!!  Luke is such a precious boy.  He’s laid back, a lot of fun, and a friend to everyone…he’s a hardworking boy, sweet, and the best hugger ever!  We had the best day celebrating him!

Luke loves to check on the progress of the new house.  So, we made sure to make a trip out there!  Luke told me his birthday wish came true–we have brick!! woohoo!


And, walls!!


Also, Luke had a special request for homemade Banana Cake and white frosting.  I aim to please! 🙂


And, his birthday restaurant choice:  pizza buffet. ha! 😉



After lunch, we had a little party for his friends at a local trampoline park!  The A/C wasn’t working, but the kids had an amazing time!! 🙂

DSC_4785 DSC_4772 DSC_4768 DSC_4778 DSC_4774

Luke was so pumped! I love the little smile on his face while they were singing Happy Birthday to him!!



And, finally, a silly picture before everyone left!



On Sunday, we went to church  

 and then we unplugged for the rest of the day!  My parents watched the kids while Robert and I had a few hours to have a nice lunch and do some shopping for the new house!  It felt so good to get away for a little bit!

Hope y’all had a great weekend!  Happy Monday!! XOXO Narci

5 thoughts on “Weekend Wrap-Up! :)

  1. Girl! You need a weekend to recover from your weekend! You packed in a lot of FUN! Thanks again so much for including Smith on Saturday. He had a blast! And listen…he’s been blowing his whistle ever since. 😉


  2. A great kickoff to no school is a fun weekend!! So glad Luke had a great day. Nixon had a blast at the party!!


  3. Sounds like a wonderful weekend. Glad you also had some time alone with your husband. Would you please post your banana cake recipe – I am looking for something new in my repertoire.


  4. Looks like a fun weekend! Happy birthday to your little guy! Can I ask why you are moving? Your house now looks beautiful, so I was just wondering if you were looking to move to be in a different town or a bigger house.


    1. Cindy, we are moving to a house that is set up a little better for our family but still in the same city! That’s all! Good question! 🙂 Thanks for asking!


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