Friday Favorites

 Hey, y’all!!  It’s Friday and we are hosting Friday Favorites with the super fabulous Andrea and Erika!!  

Today, my favorite is all of the fun we are having during our beach vacation! 

The kids are pros during road trips, so we made great time driving to Florida! 


And, there is something that is so fun about hotel beds! 


And, the first time your toes hit the sand.  🙂     

Luke’s new party trick is eating the lemons from our water at dinner. Silly boy!


We’ve been staying up past our bedtimes. 

  And soaking up as much beach time as possible during the daytime hours!    

These 3 make my heart so happy! I have so enjoyed this time with them!!!  

 And, this guy also. 🙂


And, I loved that we were able to hang out with Erika and her family one day as well!! We had the best time with their crew! 🙂

Happy Friday, and don’t forget to link up below! Xoxo Narci 🙂



  1. Looks like you’re having a great family beach trip! I must say living in Southern California I’m a little spoiled with all the beaches here, yet I don’t take advantage of them. I like the beach, but prefer the mountains :). happy Friday!


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