Michigan Trip–Day 2

 Hey y’all!! We had a great day on our second day in Michigan!   We visited one of our favorite spots: Dow Gardens!   

We went for a little hike around the gardens. Isn’t it so pretty! This is the perfect spot for a picnic lunch! 

We found our favorite spot and took a family iPhone picture.  #familyphotowin


We chased squirrels up trees…  

And, in case you are keeping track, I’m still wearing jeans in the summer. 😉

  We played at the bubble tables in the children’s area!       

…and cranked out some well water. 🙂


These girls had so much fun!! 


Afterwards, we visited the small town where Robert grew up!   I just love this town!! We had burgers at the local burger joint!


He took me here before we were married so it has been so fun to take our family here each year!  Their burgers are the best in town! 

Then, we visited  the local playground. So cute!!  

And visited the baseball fields that Rob played baseball on in high school! 

I love a good full circle moment. So, i loved watching these two walking around all of the bases.   

A great trip down memory lane for the Dreffs today!! So fun!! 



  1. Girl!!! That’s a fun day! I love that you’re playing at a park. I’m pretty sure the slide here would have given you third degree burns yesterday!


  2. Looks like a great trip so far!! I’ve been meaning to ask how is your puppy doing? He’s so cute but you haven’t posted much about him 🙂


    • Hey! Gisele is doing great!! My parents bought the puppy “for my kids” but she actually lives with my parents. So, we get to visit with her a bunch!! She is pretty stinking cute!! 🙂 thanks for asking!!


  3. I don’t know how I’ve lived in Saginaw, Michigan for 12 years and never been to Dow Gardens. Those pictures are beautiful! Planning a trip there in the very near future.


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