Friday Favorites


Hey, girls!! Today, we are hosting Friday Favorites with Andrea and Erika!! Woohoo!! 

These 3 are my favorites! 


 That cabinet color is a work in progress, but the house is coming along!! ❤️ One of many favorite pictures in this spot, I’m sure!! 


Erika has been talking about these for a while, but I finally picked them up and they are amazing!!  Our laundry smells amazing now!!   

Last night, I took the kids out for our 4th of July shoot. We got some sweet shots!  I have a full queue of client photos to edit, so I only pulled a few to sneak. More to come later!

Don’t forget to link up below!  Happy 4th of July, y’all!! Xoxo Narci 


  1. Narci! Your house is looking so good on the inside too!! I need to come by for the inside tour soon! And listen, those are beautiful pictures of Presley. Just gorgeous :).


  2. Oh my gosh….that road is perfect for 4th pix! And Presley…what a little fashionista. I love the unstoppables and someone told me you can actually use them in a Scentsy candle too but I haven’t tried that yet.


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