Weekend Wrap Up: Red, White, and Blue edition

Hey, y’all!! We had the best weekend!! I hope you had an amazing Fourth of July!!    
On Friday, the kids had some birthday money to spend so we did some shopping!!


The boys picked up more video games, and Presley decided to channel her inner skater girl. Love this!



After that, Rob and I had a date night! I just can’t quite shake my allergies lately–so please just excuse all of the puffy eyed pictures!! 🙂 

The next morning we got ready for our hometown parade!! We’ve been going since the year that Luke was born, and we always have an amazing time!!  

These 3!! I am just so thankful for them and our amazing country!  
All of the kids! ❤️

And, the mamas!!  These girls are just so special to me! 
The parade was great as always!   

After we waved at ALL of the parade floats, we went out for pizza!! 

And played in the little treehouse playground behind the restaurant. 🙂

We checked on the ducks that live there, too!

And went home for some swimming!


I did a little bit of reading, and we grilled burgers for dinner!

And, then we watched fireworks with Erika, Shay, Andrea, and their families!  I didn’t bring my camera out, but they looked something like this. 🙂

On Sunday, we went to church, and visited the new house! It is getting there!! 🙂  
Robert’s favorite part is a closet that he’s using for all his hunting gear.  What can I say? He is easy to please! 🙂  

 Afterward, Luke went to a birthday party, so Presley and I watched a little bit of Sophia the first in bed! So fun!! 

 What a weekend! Happy Monday, y’all!! Xoxo Narci 


7 thoughts on “Weekend Wrap Up: Red, White, and Blue edition

  1. I love, love, loved spending the weekend with your precious family! Friday, Saturday and even church yesterday was fun times with the Dreffs :). And bonus…I get to hang out with you today too! See you soon friend! xo


  2. What a fun weekend! That pic of the three of them on top is totally frameable!! And my niece got those same skates for her birthday this weekend. I love that the quad wheels are making a comeback!!


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