Weekend Wrap-up!

 Hey, y’all! Hope you had an amazing weekend!!  I saw this on my Facebook feed yesterday, and i just thought it was just so darn true!   
On Friday, Luke and I had a little date!! Breakfast at Starbucks and then helping me with my grocery shopping. He LOVES to feel like he is a big helper so I think he really enjoyed  getting to be just with me and helpingout!! He is such a sweet boy!

Presley sang her little heart out at the preschool musical. She did a great job! 

Beforehand, we fueled up with Tex-Mex….


And, then we went to her big performance. She was nervous to get on stage during the days leading up to the show, but she was just fine once we got to there! 
Afterwards, we cleared rocks out of the backyard of the new house. 

Saturday morning, I spent some time with this special family…

And, then we played outside with Giselle. She’s pretty stinking adorable. 


And, someone is in love.   
Sunday was church…

And showing grandpa the progress at the new house. It’s coming right along!

 Happy Monday, y’all!! Xoxo Narci 



  1. Sounds like a wonderful weekend, thanks for the sneak peak at your new house. I know it’s very exciting. And your puppy, Giselle, is a cutie!


  2. A great reminder and yes, so darn true! Your special time with Luke is also a reminder for me to create those special times with each of my kiddos too. Have a great week Narci!


  3. House is looking so great! I love the contract between the light and dark. And how did I miss you guys naming that precious puppy Giselle!! So stinkin’ cute!


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