Weekend wrapup!

Hey, y’all!! What a fun weekend!! We spent a lot of time hanging out, swimming, and just enjoying each other’s company. We have  5 weeks until school starts, and I am so thankful for these lazy days of summer!! 🙂 

We left our mark on the sidewalk of the new house. 🙂    
Presley and I had a little girls night while the boys went to check out the latest action hero movie. 
And, we went furniture shopping! We are really trying to narrow down our furniture choices for the family room and kitchen. 

I’m not going to lie–I’m not really sure where to start…so if y’all know of a interior designer, email me their info!! I need help!

 I think this living room setup is so pretty!!      

On Sunday, we went to church! Jackson was already at church for a meeting. 


And, speaking of J…this popped up in my Facebook feed. Jackson with his baby sister 4 years ago!! . Melt my heart!! 


Happy Monday, y’all!! Tomorrow, I am linking up with Andrea for the home tour! The house isn’t finished yet but y’all will get a little sneak peek!! Xoxo n



  1. How are you liking All The Light We Cannot See? That’s on my list to read by the end of the summer! 🙂

    P.S. Any updates on Carpool Book Club? When is the next date?


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