Weekend wrapup! :)

Hey, y’all!! We had a great weekend! On Friday, I started off with this cute baby on my computer screen!! I love a sweet, smiling newborn!    
I worked all day, but these two kept each other busy!! I love their sweet faces!!

On Saturday, Robert and Luke went to a FC Dallas soccer game!! 

Luke is a big soccer fan, and he loved watching the game!! 

And, meanwhile, Presley and I had a little Taylor Swift dance party complete with loud karaoke and fingernail painting.


We had so much fun! Just us girls!! 

Sunday morning was church….

And swimming!

And making a trip to the new house! 

The floors are stained, and we are moving right along!!   


Lots of fun stuff coming up this week! Tomorrow a “day in the life” post, What’s up Wednesday, and my Stitch Fix Review on Thursday! Happy Monday, y’all!! XOXO N



  1. Listen, I don’t know how you take so many pictures of cute babies and don’t have baby fever 100% of the time! That little Cason is adorable!!! I would want a new baby all the time! And your house!!! Goodness! It looks amazing!


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