A day in the life–Summer edition

Hey, y’all!! I saw my super sweet friend Erika do a “day in the life” post and thought it might be fun! So here we go!!

It’s time to wake up!  My alarm is actually set for 5:30 am, but I am slow to wake up. I need a few minutes to get my mind right and moving!    

Here comes the coffee!! Woohoo!

Quiet time is always first.  It just makes my day better!  


And, then it is time to work! Editing, emails, planning….it all happens now. Usually, I do a load of laundry as well! 

I also watch Gilmore Girls while I am at my computer. Seriously, the best show ever. #loralieandroryforpresident


Around 7:30, these two wake up–we do breakfast, get dressed, and get ready to go! 

On Mondays and Wednesdays we go to the gym! They are ready to see their friends!!

And, then we had lunch and went swimming with these cuties!!  I love each of these kiddos so much!! So fun! 

The kids had popcorn, played, and watched a movie while I got a few more hours of work in! 🙂

And, then we ran by the paint store to pick out all of our wall colors and cabinet colors. 🙂

   Somehow, I missed the dinner and bath time rush, but everyone was fed (spaghetti), bathed, and tucked into bed!

I blogged this post, and then snuggled up with a book (and a cherry Airhead. #keepinitreal 😉). ‘m just starting this book, and I’m having a hard time getting hooked. I think it’s going to be a good one, though!! 

  Happy Tuesday, y’all!! Xoxo Narci 



  1. I love reading these posts!!! Why is it so interesting to see what other people do all day?? No clue, but it is!! Loved getting a peek into your day!


  2. Picking out paint colors is sooooo stressful! When I pick out a paint color for 1 room it can put me in the nuthouse! I can’t imagine having to pick out several at once! I can’t wait to see it all once it’s done!!!!!


  3. I love how your day starts with a devotional and then a work out. I listened to the book on audible that your starting, thought it was good, was really glad to be done with it, still think about the it. It wasn’t “an easy read” for me. Have a blessed day.


  4. What are you thinking of the “James: Mercy Triumphs” bible study? This is my first Beth Moore study and it’s so interesting. Where in the study are you? We just started Week 5 at my church and let me tell you, I loved the session 5 video!


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