Weekend Wrap-up

Hey, y’all!! We had a great weekend!! I saw this over the weekend, and it really spoke to my heart! 

Isn’t that the truth though?  So good! 

 On Friday, we had our very first “August Fun Fridays”!    
Since it’s crazy hot, we went and played indoor dodgeball at a local trampoline park and jumped in the bounce houses as well!! ) 

And, then we followed it by a trip for our traditional Friday night pizza! I asked for a picture of these two after dinner. Oh, Presley! 😉

Saturday, I spent the day with a few sweet newborns and babies.  And, you know I fell in love with this little  crochet mermaid set that one of the mamas had to ready to use! So cute!! I snapped this shot with my iPhone!

And, the rest of the weekend was a lot  of this. Swimming, sun, and a little cheerleading stunting thrown in for good measure. 


And, of course, we had our Sunday picture before church!!

 Happy Monday, y’all!! Xoxo n  



  1. Just giving you a heads up from a fellow ‘cheer mom’… she’ll be stunting and cheering in your pool constantly for years to come! Ha – that’s alllll my daughter and her friends do in the pool is cheer, jump, and stunt!!


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