Weekend wrapup! 

Hey, y’all!! We had a great time during our 2nd to last weekend of summer! So fun!! 

On Saturday morning, it was my birthday!  On the way to a birthday pedicure, Presley and I stopped at a local grand opening to hear the local high school marching band play!!  I just love a good marching band!   
And, we saw ELSA there!! Someone was on cloud nine! 🙂


The finished product and a little birthday side trip to Home Goods!  😉

After that,  the whole family went out for lunch! We had steaks and rolls–which is something everyone in our house loves! Those boys were in Heaven!  
A quick trip to Sephora!  

And, a birthday pie from our favorite little restaurant: The Pantry! 

The kids helped me pick out some new earrings


And, I just love them!! You can find them here!! I wore them to church too, and they are the prettiest shade of pink! They seem to go with everything!

And, then we spent the rest of the afternoon doing this! 


After our downtime, we visited a Drive In Movie Theater in Fort Worth! 

It was SO CUTE, and the weather totally cooperated for us!   

Jackson had a good time–I promise.  He has really sensitive eyes and has a hard time looking into the camera for any picture!

The drive in is smack dab in the middle of downtown Fort Worth, so the view was fabulous!


And, they had the cutest area to grab a bite to eat!    

Oh, Luke! 

With live music! 
And, food trucks! I had fish tacos, and they were  so good!  

There was a little play area for the kids to play in while we waited for it to be dark.   

And, these 3 faces fit perfectly into the back of my car while they watched the movie! 


Once it got dark, the view was even more amazing! There is just something about city lights at night! Yes ma’am! 

 I was sitting in a lawn chair with Presley on my lap when I took this picture. The boys were laying next to each other on the tailgate, and Robert was siting next to me. I remember thinking that it just couldn’t get much better than that moment. I predict a great year ahead!!

And, our Sunday morning picture for good measure!! 
Happy Monday, y’all!! Xoxo Narci 



I love to hear from you! Leave a comment here! :) XO Narci

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