Weekend wrapup! 

 Hey, y’all!! We had a great weekend! On Friday morning, we met with some of our new neighbors for donuts before breakfast! Yum!! We are moving into the greatest group of neighbors!! 🙂 So fun!  
After school, we went out for our favorite pizza! 

We love our Friday Pizza nights! 
We woke up EARLY the next morning, and watched these two play soccer!  


Having a girl who plays soccer means lots of colorful soccer accessories. Her bag says “I make boys cry.” Lol!

After the games, we went to the new house to make our final walk through list! Woohoo!    

And, we ended our day with family movie night! We watched The Descendants, and it is so cute!! The kids loved it! 

And on Sunday, these two were hamming it up

 Happy Monday!! Xoxo Narci 


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  1. My children are obsessed with that movie!!! I’ve had to cut them off or they’d ask to watch all the time! And a big wahoo for the final walk through!!!


    • You should Grace!! Jackson has gotten to the age where he’s “too cool” to be on my IG or blog. Totally normal, and I respect that…so I won’t be posting as much of him now. He is still there for everything though–we just save the pictures of him for just our family purposes. 😊


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