Mama Tried

Hey, my friends! Each year around mid-September, my Fall allergies kick in, and this is my mantra for 2-3 weeks


And, also this…

 I was feeling extra yucky yesterday, so no post today!  Hoping to be back at it tomorrow! Happy Wednesday, y’all! Xoxo Narci 



  1. Oh, girl, I can sympathize. Have you ever had a Kenalog injection? I did not have allergies until I moved to Cape Girardeau, MO (I only lived 25 miles south but was not on the Mississippi River) when I was a junior in college which was eeeks 39 years ago. That spring my nose got so stopped up, went to my physician, and he told me I was allergic to pollen. He gave me a Kenalog injection and within 24 hours–POP–everything opened up. So every year after when things started to bloom in the spring, I got a Kenalog and was good to go. After I had my first child, my body changed and I didn’t need the shot. Then about 4 years ago it started again and I got the shot and it was good. But during the last year and a half it has gotten worse so I just started allergy shots last week. Small price to pay to feel better. So just thought I would throw out there the Kenalog injection.


  2. It’s the worst isn’t it!! I try so hard to head it off each year, but fail miserably! My hubby avoided a major overblown illness this year with Mucinex!! Feel better!


  3. Allergies are the worst! My 12 year old son has had them so bad until last year when I discovered oils! I’m going to totally sound like a crazy person. They work so good! Lemon, lavender and peppermint. We use young living because they’re much stronger. Ones from the health food stores won’t work. Try it they’re amazing!


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