I’m Weekend Wrap Up!

Hey, y’all!! It was a great weekend!!  On Friday morning, I went up to see Luke and Presley during their assembly at school. 🙂

Luke got the “Teamwork” award. Wow!  He’s come such a long way in the past few years and we are so proud of him!! 

   Presley received the PE award–she was SO excited!! 

Afterwards, I did some work and then I took a few minutes to look at the final family pictures from the session we did a few weeks ago!  They turned out amazing. I have a ton to share once I have a chance, but I had to share this one to celebrate National Daughter Day. 🙂

   On Saturday morning, the soccer games, birthday parties, and such started mid-morning so I had a quick moment that looked just like this. Love! 

Presley was ready to party!

After all the Saturday chaos, we compared gray paint samples for the living room and kitchen. 

We use Benjamin Moore paint, because I love the way it looks…but also because it’s the featured brand at our favorite little hardware store.    

I love supporting a small business, and they have the best customer service in town! 

Also, I wore my new Saturday football shirt! It turned out so cute!! 

The back is SO fun!!

After my sessions Saturday night, I ran by the grocery store and grabbed these! 

They were one of Sheaffer’s Friday favorites, and they are amazing!!

And, right before bed, I snapped a pic of the final product after all of the painting! It is coming along!!

The next morning, we had our Sunday picture. 🙂

  And, this was about 2.34 seconds after we made it home for the afternoon. 
We pretended it wasn’t 90 degrees outside and wore our cozy pjs and socks while we baked pumpkin bread. 🙂
And, then I spent the night with my Sunday School girls!    

 The perfect ending to a busy weekend! Happy Monday!! Xoxo Narci 🙂



  1. You are the cutest mommy in Texas! I love that photo of you and your daughter. Oh and your house looks amazing! I’ve been eyeing that Revere Pewter color from BM for our new house. I would love it if you would do a house tour with daylight pics to get a better idea of what the paint looks like and for some inspiration. What color are you doing your cabinets? I love the way they look now!


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