What’s going on

We’ve been up to a little bit of this and a little bit of that these days!

We’ve been watching our Jackson play football.  He really is enjoying being part of the team, and I am so happy for him.IMG_0875

Being on a real football field is pretty close to all of his dreams coming true. 🙂  What fun to watch him experience that!  He really is at the perfect age.


What we did while we waited for the game to start. 😉


And, she makes his shoulder pads look so cute!  I even resisted the urge to clean them with a Clorox wipe before she tried them on in spite of the sweaty football smell.  #because3rdchild #shesgoingtobesowelladjusted

We did school picture day.


And, we even broke out the curling iron!  Her curls were on point!IMG_0908 And, we have been making things a little cozier around here!  Window treatments are done, and we are moving on to other projects.IMG_0935

Happy Thursday, y’all!!  XOXO Narci

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