What’s going on

Hey y’all!!  Just a little bit of this and that this week! 

I’ve been editing ALOT, so I’ve had this on in the background while I’m hard at work. 

I’m almost done with season 6, and I’m panicking because I don’t want it to end!!

Also, I saw this on Facebook, and it is so true!

I love my two sweet boys!

 We’ve been Halloween crafting

And, I picked up these amazing signs that were made by some local friends! Didn’t they turn out great?? 

Amanda only takes local orders for the above sign. 🙂


And, you can check out Son of Whale on etsy to order your own pallet letter. 🙂 

Happy Thursday!! Xoxo Narci 




  1. HI Narci!!! I am not sure if I missed a post or not but did you decide to NOT paint your cabinets in the kitchen? Are you going to leave them dark? We are getting ready to paint ours after the first of the year (swiss coffee) they are ugly oak now and 35 years old. New doors but using the existing drawers. Thanks for the update!


    • Hey girl! Ooh!! That sounds amazing!! We are going to paint them, but the painter told us it’s a week long process beginning to end….we have so much going on with work and the kids…so we are going to wait until we have an off week to get it done. 🙂 The painter also told us that it’s better to drill the holes for the cabinet hardware prior so it doesn’t mess up the paint job after the fact. Maybe we will be able to sneak it in sometime soon, but we might be doing it in January with you guys. 😊😊


  2. Isn’t that quote the best?!! My 22 year old seriously sent me a picture last night of a booger..why?!! Love the bats and spiders…super cute. Also loving that D…I have a hard time finding J’s so I may have to check that out!


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