Friday Favorites

Hey, y’all!! It’s Friday, and we are hosting Friday Favorites with my girls, Andrea and Erika!!

Here we go!

One of my very favorite things.  

Exactly 1 year from yesterday, we shared with friends and family that we had signed a contract and were building a house!  Here we are on our land on that special day 1 year ago and today!


What a difference a year can make!  IMG_1762We are so thankful to be settled in our home for the upcoming Holiday season!  SO EXCITING!! Our family is so incredibly grateful for the amazing friends who were so supportive during the building process.  Being in transition for 14 months can be hard, but we are finally home and it feels so very good.  I think we are ready to call that chapter done for the Dreffs crew.  🙂   God is good!


These boots, though  



I shared last month that I am on the hunt for a new pair of riding boots!  Yesterday, I finally went to Nordstrom and tried several on.   Aren’t they pretty?  They are pricey so I am going to hold out a little longer and see if I can catch them on sale somewhere!  I’ll make sure to keep you posted!

All the Christmas Decorations

I walked into Pottery Barn and I may have squealed a little bit when I saw this!


And, then I may have sat down on a couch and pretended that I lived there.  😉

Happy Friday, y’all!  It’s going to be a great Halloween weekend!  XOXO Narci




  1. Your home is just beautiful and I know all about building as we have only been in ours for 2 months and it’s so wonderful to have that process behind us. A whole lot of work, especially when you are our ages. :o)) Always enjoy linking up with you gals! Happy weekend!


  2. YOur house is beautiful. YOu might want to check on Amazon and 6PM.. SOmetimes they have Frye boots cheaper than most places.. Have a great day..


  3. Pottery Barn is my favorite! Seriously, I would have squealed too! I’ve had the Melissa Frye boots in Black and that brown color for 4 or so years now and I love them! The brown just gets better with age and they are comfortable!


  4. Congratulations and God Bless! Your house is beautiful and I’m so happy that this part of the journey is over and you can now sit back and enjoy the fruits of your labor. I found a pair of boots last year that I finally liked and fit me well and I went ahead and paid full price and have never regretted it. Every time I would wait for a sale, they would never have my size. Take care!


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