Weekend Wrap-Up

Hey, y’all!!  Happy November!  Hope you had a great weekend!  Meanwhile, I am thinking about this. 🙂IMG_1885

I’m not going to lie–the anticipation of Christmas coming is so fun for me during the month of November. Don’t worry though–We won’t decorate until after Presley’s birthday later this month, and I will still be sharing some of my favorite Thanksgiving traditions leading up to Thanksgiving!  We have alot to be grateful for this year! 🙂

On Friday, I worked and put together some decorations for our Church’s trunk or treat.   What fun!

Our theme was football and tailgating! 🙂  Our football field…


I made it out of a green tablecloth and some white duct tape.  And, it really us true: anything is possible with a little duct tape! 😉

This cute cheerleader was ready to celebrate!


We saw some of our favorite friends there.  We love the Slaughter kids! 🙂


It’s just so great to have such great friends to do life with. 🙂

IMG_1918 IMG_1920

The next morning, we were tahred.  So, we snuggled in bed and sorted our candy.


And, we painted pumpkins!


And, then these crazy kids had a great Halloween night!


Look at these two scary boys!  Luke and Carter had such a fun time at the neighborhood Halloween party!  I don’t think I saw them after I took this picture! 🙂


And, then we went trick or treating with friends!  Jasmine was all set with her Raja!


All of the kids looked precious!!  IMG_1866

We woke up early and went to Church!  Here’s our Sunday picture!


I even had the chance to wear my Stitch Fix scarf!    I forgot to grab a shot before we left, but here’s one when we got home!


After church and some major rest time, we made Chili, cornbread, and did homework! And, then we had our annual Halloween Candy Draft!


Each kiddo picks 15 pieces, they can trade if they like, and the rest is to sent to our troops and other service personnel.  It’s a win-win for everyone!  The kids get enough candy to make them feel like they are #winninginlife, and we ship the candy we don’t truly need to someone who will really appreciate it.  And, just like that Halloween 2015 is a wrap!

Happy Monday!  Have a great day! XOXO N


  1. I love it how you send the candy away. Would you mind sharing that information so I can send away our candy? Would hate to throw it away if someone else can really enjoy it!


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