Weekend Wrapup

Hey, y’all!  What a fun weekend!!  My day started out with this on Friday….IMG_2077

I love the First 5 app!  If you need a good devotional app, I definitely recommend it!

After school on Friday, we went to the kids’ Fall carnival!


Oh my goodness!!  It was so cute!  The PTA did an amazing job!!


The games were super fun!

IMG_2089 IMG_2090 IMG_2114

And, there even was a little petting zoo!IMG_2109 IMG_2104

We had the very best time!


Rob and Jackson went hunting  for the rest of the weekend, because it was opening weekend.  The rest of us enjoyed a quiet, chill morning!


And, after some blueberry waffles, we went to both soccer games!IMG_2125 IMG_2129

And, then we met Erika and Lori for dinner!   Somehow over the years, we’ve made Texas Roadhouse our official dinner stop for opening weekend.

IMG_2174 IMG_2134

I just love a tradition that involves rolls and cinnamon butter!  After dinner, we stopped by out local nursery to grab some plants to spruce up the front yard…


And, we had a movie night in the media room!

I had a really awful migraine overnight so we passed on church on Sunday and spent the morning at our neighborhood park.  This little spot is just two doors down from our house, and we just love being able to enjoy it during this nice weather!


The fresh air (and some advil!) finally did the trick on the migraine, and my parents came over to watch the kiddos for a bit


while I did this. 🙂


It’s been such a special Fall with all of my clients!  I am so thankful for my time with them!  We have a big few weeks coming up in our house:  Presley’s birthday, the home stretch for the busy season in my business, hosting kiddos from our youth group, and Robert’s family is coming for Thanksgiving!  It’s going to be a fantastic November. XOXO N



  1. I love the First 5 app too – and Friday’s was particularly special as a dear family member received some hard news on Thursday…so very true that what we are experiencing now may be something better for us or someone else down the road!


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