What’s Going On

Hey, y’all!!  Happy Thursday!  Just normal life going on here.  This week, I am working even more than normal between editing and last minute sessions. 🙂  Most days are spent doing just that.  While I was working, we had the powder bathroom painted.  🙂  IMG_2234

Remember that crazy dark gray that I wanted to use off the dining room.  Good news:  it found a home. 🙂


This room got new Christmas decorations, and I’m not going to lie…. I put them in there after I bought them earlier this week.  I know I am way early on that, but I figured better here than in a closet for two weeks. 😉


The next part of this project involves the ceiling!  Right now, it’s off white…


but we are going to be stenciling it to look like this.  🙂


We did something similar to our Kitchen bar in our old house, and it is actually a fairly easy project that packs a big punch!  I’ll keep you posted! 🙂

We’ve been doing our normal routine, like schooltime


and, I was so surprised to see that Presley’s class was working on this project that we talked about  earlier this week when I went to volunteer a few days ago!


So fun!   I decided to stay for lunch with this sweet blondie!  Right after I took this picture, I was wishing I had put some makeup on before I headed up there!  Oh well!


When she came home, she had the most amazing thank you note for me.


“I love you from coming, Mommy!”

Being a mama to all 3 of our kids is such a gift.  So thankful for these days!  Happy Thursday! XOXO Narci



I love to hear from you! Leave a comment here! :) XO Narci

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