Show and Tell Tuesdays

Hey, y’all!!  Today, we are linking up with Andrea for her “Show and Tell Tuesdays!”


Today’s topic is all about Missions and Service Projects!  What a great topic!Show and Tell - Big List

Today, I am sharing a few service organizations that weigh on my heart, but there really are SO MANY opportunities to lend a helping a hand.   I am looking forward to reading through these posts!

Special Needs Organizations and Ministries

Special needs kiddos and their families are so amazing!    I’ve had the privilege to work with various special needs ministries and organizations over the years.  My friends from these ministries have captured such a large part of my heart!  logo_transparent

If you don’t know how to get plugged into something of this nature, the Special Olympics is a great place to start!    Special needs kiddos have such a unique capacity to love, and I promise you will walk away being so thankful to be able to experience that!

Mentorship Opportunities

I’ve always felt most called to local service opportunities, and there is nothing quite like investing in a long-term relationship or mentorship opportunity with local youth.  th (2)

I volunteer through a mentoring program at our church, but if you don’t have access to something like that…the Boys and Girls Clubs is a great place to find more information!  There are so many precious children who need the extra love!

Mission Regan

Also, some of my favorite friends have a non-profit that sends medical supplies to those in desperate need.


Isn’t it amazing when someone sees a need and takes it upon themselves to fill it!  It such a neat organization..Check them out!! 

Thank you for the linkup, Andrea!!  Happy Tuesday, y’all!!  XOXO  Narci



I love to hear from you! Leave a comment here! :) XO Narci

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