Presley’s Pajama Party

Last Friday, our sweet Presley girl had a pajama party to celebrate her 6th birthday!!

We set up after school!  Presley is a jammie kind of girl, so she was super pumped to celebrate in her pajamas!
IMG_2328 IMG_2349

Not going to lie–she was in heaven!!  And all about the posing. 😉


We had a donut birthday cake and handed out fuzzy socks as favors. 🙂IMG_2360 IMG_2358As requested by the birthday girl, we decorated using all of the colors in the rainbow!IMG_2361 And, even had some glow in the dark balloons for good measure!IMG_2363 IMG_2375 The girls decorated little purses as they arrived!

Every good pajama includes a pizza dinner. 🙂


So sweet!IMG_2386

After dinner, they played dress up


and put on a little fashion show!!

IMG_2393 IMG_2396 IMG_2400 IMG_2406 IMG_2402

And, then we popped popcorn and watched a movie!! IMG_2408

Followed by a a sweet birthday song and blowing out her candles!
IMG_2411 IMG_2415



We had a little balloon fight to burn off the sugar. 🙂IMG_2433

And, then we painted nails!

One more group picture before the girls went home!  What a FUN time!!  Happy Thursday, y’all!! XOXO Narci



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