Weekend Wrapup

Hey, y’all!!  What a great weekend!!  It has been a crazy few weeks, so we are thankful for a slower Thanksgiving Break this week!  We are hosting Thanksgiving dinner, and I am working on shooting a last few sessions and editing!

On Friday night, these beautiful girls came to stay with us for our church youth group retreat!  IMG_2651

Someone was pumped to have all of the big girls in the house!  IMG_2668

We did some really special things like collect cans for the local food pantry, Bible Studies, and other fun activities!


Plus, we made late night Chick-fil-a runs!   Y’all!  Put me in a house with preteen girls, and I fall right into their late night fast food runs and queso for breakfast diets…I haven’t eaten like that since college! 😉


It was hard to send them back home Sunday morning!!  We love those girls!

Presley had the stomach bug on Sunday, but the good news is that I was able to break out my victory cup for my Sunday morning coffee!!


Also, Robert’s family arrived Sunday afternoon and is staying for Thanksgiving!!  Yesterday, we took our cousin Hayden to the American Girl store!!


When we went for Presley’s birthday, we just picked up her birthday doll…so we had fun wandering around and checking everything out!!


We decorated cookies in the bistro


did a little shopping


and saw the pretty Christmas decorations!!


What a fun time!  Have a great day!! Happy Tuesday!! XOXO N



I love to hear from you! Leave a comment here! :) XO Narci

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