Weekend Wrap-up

 Hey, y’all!! What a nice, laid-back few days!!! We have been up to a little bit of this and that. Honestly, I did an awful job of remembering to take pictures of all of our fun  after Christmas, but we’ll do our best here. 😉

If you are one of my Downton Abbey girls, then y’all are with me on this one. 🙂  

I thought it was SO GOOD last night!

Also, we baked cookies! 

 And, we ignored all of our fancy Christmas presents so we could blow balls around on the floor. They were having so much fun!!   

We cheered for our Rebels in the Sugar Bowl!
  I’m not going to lie–that win was a lot of fun!! 

I started a new book–it’s looking to be so good!!   

And, someone was looking extra sassy! 

We even had a little date night on NYE!

Followed by a little girl time with my best girl! It’s been an amazing Christmas Break with the kids and lots of downtime.  I’m not ready to send them back quite yet!  

Happy Monday, y’all!! Xoxo Narci 

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