Show and Tell Tuesday: Momfessional and Momlife Moments

Hey, friends!  We are linking up with Andrea for her super fun Show and Tell Tuesday!


Today, we are sharing our favorite “Momfessional” or #momlife moments!   These are some of my favorite posts to read!!  If you’d like to read my Momfessional moments from last year, you can check them out here! 🙂

So, when I think of #momlife, I think of this picture from a few years ago


And, since everyone is a touch older in our house now… our life is a little different these days, but we still can bring the crazy! 😉  Like…

*The time that I found a plate of Fried Shrimp under Jackson’s bed because #hemightwantsomelater

*The time that I put Presley’s cheer bow on backwards, because #cheermomnewbie

*The time I caught Luke sledding down the stairs in an old Amazon box because #whynot

Also, If you ask me Mom Life is


hiding your personal candy stash in the pantry behind the Vegetable Oil and Protein Powder because you know noone will find it there 😉

Momlife is dumping your purse out to find all the “essentials” IMG_4892-0

My purse contents on Monday: Reese’s pieces, a paper plate with random marker scribbles, a bandaid for good measure (P.S. I was super proud that I had a bandaid in there! haha!)          

…..and, most impressively,  a strawberry milk that might be from several days ago!  Haha! (Gross!!)

Mom life is wet hair on the crazy days and dressing in workout clothes even when you don’t actually go to the gym! 😉


And, even with all of that Mom Life is the best life…because it includes a whole lot of silly faces….IMG_4866-0

Chips and Salsa dates…..

Watching them do BIG things…..IMG_4884

And overcoming BIG obstacles…..IMG_4877

it involves catching them in the naughty moments (like turning around to give your brother a right hook ;))


And having dessert in bed, because our time is short with these sweet faces.IMG_4879

Mom life is special moments at our happy places


and taking the time to make carpet angels…


Mom life is part enjoying their precious baby cheeks….

and part watching them fly as they grow up

Momlife is road trips…


reminiscing about days past…IMG_4875

and fun times in the summertimeIMG_4868 IMG_4865-0 Mom-life is watching siblings learn to love and respect each other

and building the kind of relationships that will be with them for the rest of their precious lives.  IMG_4861

Mom life is my favorite kind of life. 🙂

What a fun link-up!!   Thank you so much Andrea!!  Happy Tuesday, y’all!!  XOXO N

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  1. Love all your moments! I especially love the fried shrimp story….I seriously have a file on my computer labeled boys-why? with pictures of all the crazy crap I have seen them do so I can write a boy mom post eventually!


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