Show and Tell Tuesday: How to win my heart

Hey, friends!  We are linking up with Andrea for her super fun Show and Tell Tuesday!


Today’s topic is all about what makes our heart go pitter patter!


And, really, my heart goes pitter patter for the cute guy on the right. 🙂family

and we have so enjoyed building our little family together.


And, let me tell you that Robert is so smart, because LONG AGO, he figured that the way to my heart was through this…


and this…


My love language, in our relationship, is totally acts of service!  Please keep your fancy jewelry and gifts!  Want to win my heart?

th (8)

Then, the laundry is calling your name!  haha!

Between work, the kids, and other time commitments, I stay busy!  So, I appreciate these types of things so much!   


 I mean, what is better than having your coffee brought to you in the morning?  Do that, and I’m yours for life. 😉

What a fun link-up, Andrea!   Thank you!  Happy Tuesday, y’all!  XOXO Narci

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  1. I’m feeling a connection here….so me on acts of service! Keith is the coffee maker but typically is up and gone before me. On the weekends he often brings my coffee to me and I just love that!


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