March Bucket List

Hey, y’all!  Today, I am sharing my March Bucket list!  It’s a fun mix of things that I want to do with our family, a few goals for myself, and a house project  or two!

1. Drink 64 oz water each day

Y’all, I just don’t drink enough water!  I don’t know about you but I am so busy running around, and I always forget to drink enough!  My hair and skin need more water, so I am really going to be focusing on this! This is going to be so good!

2. Go to the Dallas Arboretum 

Every year, I meet my clients at the Dallas Arboretum to take pictures with all of the beautiful Spring flowers!  We always have so much fun!

DSC_6370web DSC_6711web DSC_8287web DSC_8539web

This year, we are going to make a trip with my kids also!  We went in the Fall to see all of the fun pumpkins, and we had the best time!  I can’t wait to get some good shots of our fun and share them here!

3. Get Easter Baskets together early!

The kids’ Easter baskets were lost in the move, so I am going to need to find some new ones!   We are going to fill them with outdoor items: chalk, bubbles, and new swimsuits!  I love these suits  from Nordstrom for the boys!


and this suit also!0030b1f1a2978d91cbfd24559887eb5c_best

4. Go to the Fort Worth Stockyards

I am going to be getting in touch with my inner Texas girl!  Yeehaw! 🙂


I don’t think it gets more Texas than Longhorns and BBQ!

Date Night with Friends

We have a fun date night planned!  We can’t wait to enjoy an adult dinner with our people!  We are just so thankful for the great friends we have in our life!

Work on Back Patio and Landscaping at the new house

We are slowly checking off our to-do items inside our new house, but we have totally slacked on the backyard!

 It needs landcaping and patio furniture stat!

I am thinking something with clean lines, like this set


That just makes me happy, and it would be perfect with with a cozy fire pit!


or maybe this amazing sectional!  Wouldn’t this be so fabulous?d5bce3821e749efff808ce69f89808e4_best

and finally….

Fit in 20 minutes of downtime each day. 🙂

I am finding that this time in my life is just busy. Because of that, I feel guilty just sitting even if it is just for a few minutes!  So, I am giving myself the leeway to step away from the crazy and do something quiet each day!  Reading, watching one of my favorite Netflix shows, or just painting my nails are all on my list!  So fun!!

March, it looks like we are going to have a ton of fun!!  Happy Tuesday, y’all!  XOXO Narci

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5 replies

  1. Water is a constant struggle for me–I have been making pitchers of infused water cucumbers or some combination of citrus to try to make it more tempting. Liz


  2. When you are in Fort Worth, stop at ToyWorks on Camp Bowie. They put together the best Easter baskets ever. You can even bring in extras (like the swim suits). I get my granddaughters basket done there. Fabulous toy store. Very different!


  3. Good morning Narci. All your goals are great but I especially like the last one, about downtime. I used to feel guilty for taking 20 to 30 minutes for me, but not anymore. It will feel so good, and it’s so good for you! Enjoy!


  4. We are on the hunt for new patio furniture also and we’re looking at an outdoor sectional. And I’m with you on the water. I just got a new S’well water bottle hoping that helps with my water intake. Have a great day


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