What’s going on

 Hey y’all! Just a little bit of what’s going on in this neck of the woods!

 I’m working hard to be all caught up by Saturday so I can take a little time off during Spring break. I’m definitely feeling a little run down after a busy month! In between all of the work, We’re taking time to enjoy the little things….

Like meeting this cute guy for lunch. 

Some girls need fancy presents, but I just need chips and the creamy Jalapeño dip from Chuy’s to make me happy! 😉

This week at the kids’ school, they are supposed to wear certain colors on certain days!!  
 Yesterday, was red day, and they are rocking their red shirts! Love the way they are so into the fun activities at their school!   

We’ve been taking advantage of the pretty weather by getting snowcones. 🙂


And, we’ve been enjoying the moment and our twirly dresses at every opportunity. 


Life is good. 🙂  
Happy Thursday!! See you tomorrow! Xoxo Narci 

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4 replies

  1. You won’t find me turning down a fancy gift OR that dip! Haha! Glad you got to have a fun lunch date and those pictures of Presley are precious!!


  2. A good dip is definitely one of my love languages. March is my birthday month and I told my husband that for a present, I would like a meal that contains all the foods off of my ‘forbidden foods’ list (I have been prepping for swimsuit season so no queso for me). Liz familyoffoley.wordpress.com


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