Spring Break Part 2: Magnolia and Fixer Upper!

On Tuesday nights, our whole family cozies up to watch Fixer upper, and we all are big fans of the Gaines’ family!   They are just about the cutest thing on TV these days!  So on Friday, we loaded up our family of five and headed down to Waco, TX to check out their store Magnolia!  We left McKinney at 7:30 am, and it took us about 2 hours to get there!  If you are doing mom math, then 2 hours is  about 1 movie and 2-3 “Are we there yet?”s. 😉  So, it was a pretty easy trip! 🙂

The whole area surrounding the store gives off a really cool industrial vibe which is totally my kind of jam.  So, I was in heaven!

I will say that the minute we hit Waco city limits, it started POURING RAIN.  As we were walking from the parking lot, I wondered if I had picked the wrong day for us to visit.  haha! 😉


Once I saw that Magnolia sign, I knew it was worth the yucky weather! 🙂  Also, the bonus of the rainy weather?  No line to get in!!  This was huge!   img_6873

At the entrance!  img_6896

All of the merchandise in the store was beautiful, and the layout was darling!



Sadly, Chip and Joanna weren’t there, so Presley didn’t get to meet them (she’s a TOTAL fangirl!)  However, we were able to drop off the card she made for them at the checkout and one of their assistants was SO SWEET and promised to pass it along!   Precious!


The infamous Silos


And, their cute garden center!img_6989

And, they had the neatest turf area where the kids could playimg_6967

Plus food trucks and picnic areas!  Even in the rain, the kids ran all over this area and had so much fun.  They were so dirty for the rest of the trip from playing but #memoriesmade


We got a sneak peek of the new bakery that is coming later this year!  And, it looks to be amazing!  We peeked in through the windows, and I spied white subway tile with dark grout and some hardwoods! 🙂


While we were there, I bought a wreath, Joanna’s signature candle (it smells awesome!)


and this fun lantern.  It was supposed to go outside when we get furniture for the back patio this Spring, but I kind of like it on the dining room table…so I think it might stay there. 😉


Afterwards, we went to Harp Design!


Y’all–Clint is so talented…I couldn’t get over how pretty all of his work was!  As we were walking into Harp, Clint was saying his goodbyes and walking out to leave for Spring Break and I was THISCLOSE to tackling him for a picture. 😉   I refrained…mostly because I couldn’t tell if it was him to begin with, and I still have post traumatic stress from when I thought I saw Brett Favre at the airport…except it wasn’t Brett Favre…and I didn’t realize it until after I introduced myself.  ðŸ˜‰

After going to Harp, we went to lunch!  Earlier in the week, I asked my Facebook friends for their suggestions on restaurants, and they gave us the best ideas!  Just in case you are making a trip sometime soon, I’ll pass them along to you!

Ninfa’s, Schmaltz’s, Vitek’s, The Olive Branch, Cafe Cauppucino, Jake’s

Next time we go, I need to eat at Vitek’s and Schmaltz’s.  However, we chose The Olive Branch because it was really cute and we heard they had amazing pancakes.  My people are serious about their breakfast foods, so it was an easy choice for us and made everyone happy!


Isn’t it cute on the inside?img_7073

The girls were having a crazy hair day due to the rain, but our bellies were happy! And the pancakes were delicious!img_7067

We sat by the window! 🙂

And, just upstairs was a cute little shopping area called Spice Market


there were a bunch of fun little booths and lots of fun things to see!  We loved this place too!


After we got our shopping on, we made our way over to the Baylor University campus to check out their children’s museum.  Y’all!   If you have kiddos, you need to do this also!


They have 3 floors of interactive exhibits and even a pioneer section that was super fun!img_6911 img_6908

The kids sampled different sugar in different forms.  (Yes, really, they gave a bunch of kids sugar.  Notice the sweet older man who is passing out the samples!  I couldn’t tell him no! ;))img_6940

and I was super impressed by Presley’s form while she was downing maple syrup. 😉 #mamasgirl

They had cute gamesimg_6936

some really interesting exhibitsimg_6922

and fun for everyone!img_6948

And, listen…Mr. Potato Head showed up at the end in his safari hat which pretty much made it perfect. 😉img_6962

At that point it was about 4 pm, and we discussed having dinner in Waco.  But, the kids were getting tired, so we drove back to McKinney, grabbed takeout, and watched The Good Dinosaur in our jammies!


Pretty much the perfect ending to Spring Break, if you ask me!  ðŸ™‚   We totally fell in love with the town of Waco, and we can’t wait to make another trip down to Magnolia! It was a fun trip for the whole family!  Yay!  Happy Tuesday, y’all!! XOXO Narci

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10 replies

  1. Narci, I loved this post!! This should be an ad for visiting Waco. I’ve only driven through and don’t watch the show but you made me wanna go check it all out!


  2. We were at Magnolia on the exact same day! Just a few hours behind you. So crazy. You did some things we didn’t, so we need to check out those places next time! I suggest a stop at Collin Street Bakery next time…😋


  3. That’s so awesome you got to visit Magnolia! We are huge Gaines fans as well. It was such a treat for me to catch up on some binge watching on Saturday when my little guy fell asleep on me for his nap. Looks like it was a great day of family fun! Beautifully Candid


  4. Looks like you all had a great time. We went a few weeks ago and loved it. I wish I would have known about the children’s museum. Now I have an excuse to go again. 🙂


  5. I love your recap of my other hometown!!! 🙂 So glad y’all had fun and were able to check out the awesome museum! If you make another trip down, y’all should check out the zoo!! (And go see the bears on campus 😉


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