Weekend Wrap-Up: Dixie Edition

Hey, y’all!!  What a weekend!  I feel like ALL OF THE THINGS have been scheduled during the past 10 days, so I am really looking forward to a quiet week to catch up on emails and editing!  I am behind on just about everything, and that makes me very antsy!

On Friday night, we had our date night with the Shulls and Slaughters!   We forgot to take a picture, but we had the best time!  We just love the people that we do life with!  Such a blessing!  During dinner, we shared that we were adopting a cute little puppy into our family the next morning…and Shay recommended this awesome book!img_7132

Y’all!  I am so thankful she shared this with us!  It’s an easy read and is so helpful!  I did a cram session  and made it through most of it this Friday and Saturday night!

Anyway, on Saturday, we picked up this precious girl.

 Dixie “Sparkle” Dreffs 😉img_7152

Someone is in L-O-V-E


Actually, we all are. 🙂


She’s part Havanese and part Yorkie (they call the mix Havashires!), and she is just precious.  She fit right into our busy Saturday:  3 sports games, 1 baby shower, 1 birthday party, and 2 sunset sessions.  She’s a natural in our family!

On Sunday, we had our morning picture before churchimg_7206

and then went back to the baseball fields for the rest of Jackson’s baseball games!


Sonic just happens to be next door to the ball fields so it was the perfect time for a slushie date in between games!

And, the boys pulled out 1 st place!  I just love watching Jackson have so much fun!  These boys were so pumped. 🙂img_7232

Hope you had an amazing weekend!! Happy Monday, y’all!!  XOXO Narci

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8 replies

  1. That puppy!! She’s darling! You guys chose such a cute one! And-we had fun at dinner too. Grown up time with friends is good for my soul!


  2. We have a Havanese/Yorkie Mix too named Lucy! She is just the sweetest! We love Havanese puppies, especially the no shedding and cuddling aspects. Good choice!


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