Weekend Wrap-up!

Hey, y’all!  It was a busy weekend!  Friday started out sweet though!  The kids were off for Good Friday, so we had extra snuggles that morning!

We picked up some new flowers for our front pots!  Presley is hoping mama can keep these flowers alive! 😉  img_7369

Luke was busy breaking my no pets on the furniture rule…and looking so cute that I couldn’t tell him no! 😉img_7376

We dyed eggsimg_7378

And had a great family dinner at our favorite pizza place!img_7381

After dinner, we had a few sweet bluebonnet sessions!  So fun!img_7396

And on Saturday morning, I drove out to the Arboretum to meet a client!  Seriously, could she and her precious girl be any cuter?


This girl was my helper, and she was such a sweetheart!


I nabbed just a few of her while we were there!   DSC_7061web DSC_7022web

After we were finished, we grabbed the rest of the family and headed to our church’s Easter Egg Hunt!  The kids had so much fun!!

img_7441 img_7440 img_7426 img_7420

We walked through the Live Easter story…img_7465

And, finally, they hunted eggs!


On Sunday morning, we did a little egg hunt of out own

Had a delicious breakfastimg_7486

and went to church.  These 3 were bring super silly during our Sunday morning picture!img_7512

Our family of 5. 🙂img_7510

The Easter service was so powerful, and I am just so thankful to know a God who sacrificed his son to cover the messed up parts of me!  If you feel compelled to visit a church to learn more about Him, I encourage you to do so!  You won’t be disappointed!

Any sort of Holiday can be so hard, because pain becomes even more raw when measured up to others’ seemingly perfect lives. If your heart is like mine, then it has experienced aching and hurting…but God’s love is perfect and has a way of healing your brokenness and replacing it with peace.

  After church, we grilled steaks and roasted peeps in the oven for dessert!

And, Presley toted poor Dixie around in her new beach bag.  img_7515

Poor puppy has a hard life. 😉 Can’t you tell?img_7518

Happy Monday, y’all!! Hope you had an amazing Easter weekend, too!! XOXO Narci

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4 replies

  1. That Dixie makes me smile. And here’s hoping you keep your flowers alive! We planted ours almost a month ago now…..and they ARE still alive. Nobody is more surprised than me! 🙂


  2. Loved your comment about hurting on holidays. Totally spot on! Thank you for being sensitive to that; I think having been through those tough times definitely gives a sense of compassion and empathy not everyone else displays.


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