Weekend Wrapup

 What a fun weekend! We were all ready for school Friday morning!
I  had a crazy Friday morning so I treated myself to Starbucks and a quiet trip to my favorite grocery store!!
Dixie was a big fan of blue converse all day long!!  Especially the laces. 😉

And, We did a little test shot of Miss P in the Bluebonnets! 

And supported our Luke at his soccer game on Saturday! 

He has come so far since he started playing a few years ago! 

We are so proud of his hard work!    

 On Sunday, we had some family time! 

And, our Sunday morning picture. Presley was having a “moment” so Luke tried tickling her. 

Which didn’t work. Haha!

We almost got it on the next try! 

By try #3, we called it a win…oh, Luke. 😉

Happy Monday, y’all!! Hope you had an awesome weekend! Xoxo n

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  1. I’m super impressed with Luke’s soccer skills. Is he hitting that with his head??!! The last time I watched soccer was when the kids were on that two year old team. #beenawhile. I’m sure it looks a little different. Haha!


    • Haha! I remember that season so well! Oh gosh!! So cute! Yes, Luke is a big fan of the header (when they hit the ball with their heads!) He’s really turned a corner and looks like a legit soccer player now! He is so fun to watch! 🙂


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