Weekend Wrap-up

 Hey y’all!! We had another busy weekend!! It started with a little bit of sweetness on our front porch. 🙂  
Followed by a date night with some special friends. Our group photo didn’t turn out great but we had a great time!

On Saturday, I had two sessions, Luke’s soccer game, a birthday party, dinner out, and a hockey watch party with our awesome neighbors! Somehow, It was so crazy that I only managed to document that Jackson vacuumed while I was at my second session of the day.     

And, honestly, when you realize that you’ve entered the stage in life where your small people can clean the very same floors that they dirty…well, it’s life changing. 😉 

We did a little chalk painting with friends

And on Sunday, we went with our Sunday School group  to work with one of our favorite organizations: Mission Regan!  

We worked in their back warehouse   

And did some housekeeping! 

  Followed by a cozy afternoon together! What a perfect weekend!!   
Hope you had a great weekend also! Happy Monday, y’all! Xoxo Narci 

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  1. I always enjoy reading your posts! I was wondering where you got your sweet girl’s top she is wearing in the first picture (she’s standing at the front door)?


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