Weekend Wrap-Up

Hey, y’all!   What a fun weekend!

On Friday this came up on my Facebook feed…


I mean, Prince George in his jammies with Kate…too cute for words!

 I was busy working all day, but Dixie was looking pretty cute while I got things done. 😉

The kids all had to be different places that night, so we did a lot of shuffling back and forth.  In between all of the chaos, I was able to sneak over to our super fun neighbor’s crawfish boil!

The McKinney Fire Department came by and let the kids check out their fire truck!img_8335

and the really cool extension ladder!


These mamas are some of our awesome neighbors, and we have so loved getting to know them!   We live in a community with some really amazing families!


And, on Saturday morning, I woke up nice and early to go on my quick girls’ trip! It was at farm outside of Houston!img_8351

We basically stayed in our jammies and talked on this porch the entire time!img_8350

Isn’t the sunrise amazing? 🙂img_8354

I have known these girls for 10 years, and it was so good to catch up with everyone!img_8364

10 years ago, we all had babies in McKinney and now we are spread out all over the US and Canada!

Houston is about 4 hours away from McKinney, and I’m not going to lie…it was so weird to have the car to myself!


On the way to Houston, I listened to and sang along to all of my favorite songs!   Girls, you should know that I am EXCELLENT at car karaoke. 😉 #notreally #tonedeaf

 On the way back home, I downloaded the Amazon Audible app and listened to a book I’ve been wanting to read!


I love having another option while I am driving, because I spend a lot of time in the car!  And, We made it back in town just in time for Jackson’s championship baseball game!

The boys pulled out a win!  Hard to believe that that long arm in the back belongs to the same boy who was a cute 4 year old and drew in the dirt during Tball games. 🙂img_8381

In other news, I can’t wait to share something pretty amazing with you!! My girl, Andrea, is hosting a Matilda Jane party benefiting our precious Manda this weekend!

Twirl With Me

A portion of all the sales will go toward her sweet family and their medical bills!   Check out the details in the picture above or head over to Andrea’s page for more information on how to order online (if you can’t attend the party locally)!  So special!

Happy Wednesday, y’all!   XOXO Narci

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  1. That was so smart of you to listen to a book in the car on the way home. I need to remember to do that! What a great way to pass the time! You’ve had a very full weekend!! Loved every pic!


  2. I spend a lot of time traveling by car. I have been listening to books for a number of years. now. I love it. Most of what I listen to come from Amazon. They have a lot of books that if you download the kindle book you can get the audible book for lower price. Sometime it’s a lot less expensive than getting the audible version alone. I have listened to and enjoyed several books that I probably would not have picked up to read.


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