Friday Favorites

Hey, y’all!! It’s Friday, and we are hosting Friday Favorites with my girls, Erika and Andrea!! Woohoo!  Here are my favorites for this week!

Pink Kate Spade Studs

We talked about these fun earrings on Wednesday, and they are perfect for summer. I thought it might be nice to see them  on!  🙂  These are the original size Kate Spade Studs!

I wore them all day yesterday, and they felt great! Pink is no longer available in the original size but  other colors are available here.  The small size just came out and is available in pink here!

Cute clients

I have been busy editing some adorable faces this week!   Isn’t this sweet girl’s reaction and giggle just the cutest?


Biker Girl

Our big girl learned how to ride her bike without training wheels a few weeks ago!   She is looking so big!


And, she’s still rocking the one armband.   He fun sense of style is totally my favorite!img_8619

Oh Facebook

All kinds of sweetness popped up on my Facebook feed this week! Love this shot from out Beach trip 5 years ago!   I think we need to recreate this shot this year!


And, how about this one from the Bluebonnets that same year. 🙂   img_8626

A Festive Lunch date

Robert and I met for lunch yesterday!   This restaurant is around the corner from our house, and I love the beautiful view!img_8616

We celebrated Cinco De Mayo with some Queso, because YES MA’AM. 🙂img_8617

Queso is definitely my favorite!

Happy Friday, y’all!   Blog about YOUR favorites, and link up below!  Have a great weekend!  XOXO Narci


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16 replies

  1. Questio from Harry’s is an even bigger fave. I think they have good queso! All those pictures of baby Presley are precious.


  2. If I had that restaurant around the corner from my house, I’d never eat at home! What a beautiful view😊. And meeting my husband for lunch is my favorite😉.


  3. I love watching my kids hit those milestones! Learning to ride a bike is a big one! And those pics on the beach — adorable! definitely need to recreate it! Oh! and those earrings! I seriously need to get me some– I hear people raving about them alllll the time! hope you have a great weekend/Mother’s Day!


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