Sandestin Trip: Days 1 &2

Hey y’all! We’re back from our vacation this morning, and we had a total blast! If you need me today, I’ll be working and climbing out from under the pile of laundry.  😉


Here we go!

On Thursday, we loaded up our crew and hit the road from McKinney to Florida!

I spent most of the day returning emails, serving as the official snack provider, and reading. I finished this book on the drive, and I LOVED it!


Normally, we drive all the way through (about 13 hours), but this year we made plans to stop in Mobile, AL.

Each year, we drive through this darling town and I crush over the moss covered trees and pretty architecture. It was so fun to explore it a little bit! Also, my family probably said “Mobile, Alabama” approximately 8,756 times because we liked the way it rolled off the tongue!   The Dreffs family puffy heart loves you, Mobile!

We stayed at the Hampton Inn in the Historic part of Mobile, and I was super impressed. It kind of felt like a boutique hotel and was so cute.


We had a skyline view from our balcony. 🙂 So neat!

After we checked in, we we headed over to Felix’s Fish Camp for dinner! To the Mobile girls who recommended this spot: thank you!! It was delicious! 

There is a fun little area below the restaurant that looked to be perfect for crawfish boils, parties, and such.


And, I’m not sure if alligators really live beyond this sign…but we couldn’t resist a silly picture just in case. 😉

After dinner, we explored downtown a bit more

And let the kids swim in the hotel pool. 🙂 Again with those brick walls, y’all! I love it!!

The next morning, we were up bright and early  for the last leg of our trip! Mobile has a real US battleship that you can tour, and it is truly so amazing.  My kids really loved this! We didn’t do it this year ,because we toured it two years back.  However if you haven’t done this, I totally recommend it!

It’s a quick two hour drive from Mobile to Sandestin, so we were there by lunchtime! 🙂 We checked into the hotel, changed into swimsuits, and were on the beach by noon!

We’ve been going to the Sandestin area for years now, and we always stay at the Hilton Sandestin. Honestly, you can’t beat this hotel!  The rooms, location, and customer service are top notch, and we always have an amazing time!

We stayed in a junior suite which included two double beds, a pull out couch/seating area

And a separate bunk bed are for the kids. 🙂

Also, the view from our room was my favorite. 🙂

And the beach was pretty much amazing. I’m not going to lie. 🙂

I was a happy girl!  The Hilton even sets up your umbrella and chairs for you, so you just show up with your shovel, your bucket, and kiddos!   You can even order food and drink to be delivered to you!  So nice!


We swam, made sand castles, rode waves on the boogie boards, and searched for seashells. 🙂 so much fun!


After we hung out at the beach, Presley and I headed to the Hilton spa for pedicures! 

And, the final product!

After our pedis, we went upstairs and cleaned up for dinner. I left my phone at the hotel  from this point on, but we ate a delicious pizza meal and then took the kids to the pool to swim after we ate. 🙂 After swimming, we watched movies in bed and got some rest before our next day!

Such a great start to our trip!! I can’t wait to share more of our fun tomorrow!

Happy Wednesday, y’all!! Xoxo Narci

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13 replies

  1. This post has me READY for SUMMER!! It looks like they reserved the entire beach for you guys! Not crowded at all! I’m so glad you guys got away for a few days of family!


  2. Oh my goodness! So much to say! First of all, I’m so jealous you can read/answer emails in the car. SO JEALOUS! I’d be carsick like you wouldn’t believe! Second of all, now I want to visit Mobile. It looked just beautiful! Annnnnd…I want to stay at your resort in Florida. My kids would flip over the bunk bed and that view was spectacular! Loved every single pic! Welcome home! See you in class ;).


    • That beach looks amazing! And I too wish I could read in the car but I’d be so sick!! If you loved Mobile you should visit my neck of the woods… Charleston, SC! You’d love it!!


  3. Chris is booking us a trip to Florida this week (the only “beach” Carter has ever seen is Galveston, so I know he’ll flip over a beautiful beach!), but we hadn’t yet decided where we were going or staying. This might have made our decision so much easier! YAY! Great post!


  4. I’m stumbled upon your blog today, via Erika and Shay, and my husband and I were at the Sandestin Hilton last week as well! Small world! This has been our family “destin”ation for many years now. We started when our son was very small, he’s 25 now and he and his wife still go with us! We usually visit 5-6 times per year. It’s an easy 50 min flight from Nashville! I look forward to adding your blog to my list of must reads!


    • Hi, Bethany!! That is so great! What a small world!! I love that your sweet boys still goes with you and your hubby! My hope is that my kids will bring their families with us someday as well!! Thank you so much for reading!! Xoxo n


  5. So glad you had a good stay in Mobile! The Hampton is a great place to stay. Royal Street is absolutely beautiful to me! It’s kind of neat to see people talk about my city in a “tourist” way if that makes sense! And great choice with Felix’s…one of my favorites!!!


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